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Grooming Reports and Trail Conditions
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Grooming report

Post by jakerides » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:39 am

Sorry I haven't been active on this website. For up to date reports see our Facebook page. Also our club members get a personal email every week on club activities and grooming trail reports.

This website is a pain for me to do reports. For some reason my two finger typing is always 5 or 6 words ahead of the screen. Lack of time is another issue as I also groom three days a week.

Anyway the LMT New Hollands are out every day and do two shifts three days a week.. Yesterday the Roberts Lake tractor double groomed the whole west side , Windfall to Crandon. We will be out again Saturday night and Sunday morning. I know the Wabeno groomer has also been out every day.

The west side is in very good shape, the WRT is a super highway. There are still some bumps here and there in the woods. Lots of traffic yesterday!

Ride safe.

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